Interact with DeFi in a simpler, safer way through Smart Vaults

Our platform helps you grow your business by transforming manual work into automated actions.

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Smart Vaults allow you to automate
everything you need through customizable actions

Each action is composed of predefined primitives that cover all DeFi operations.

smart vaults

while providing you with

top notch

allowlisted actions
Allowlisted actions

Give or revoke permissions to execute actions restricting how to manage assets.

non custodial
100% non custodial

Designated action executors never have ownership of the assets in a Smart Vault.

Extra-clear transparency

All Smart Vault’s activity is on-chain becoming auditable and verifiable.

You know the saying..

Work smarter, not harder

These are some Smart Vault use cases

Track all activity on chain

With notifications on telegram discord

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